The school has used the guidance set by the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Child Protection centre and all the other applicable state and federal laws.

There are four main elements to our school’s child protection policy:

  1. Prevention: Ensuring we practice safe recruitment in checking the suitability of staff and volunteers to work with children. Positive school atmosphere, careful and vigilant teaching, pastoral care, support to pupils, providing good adult role models and the identification of early and additional support/services to children and families.
  2. Protection: Following agreed procedures, ensuring all staff respond appropriately and sensitively to child protection concerns and that every member of staff has regular training and is supported to refer their concerns to the Designated Child Protection Lead or Child Protection Centre, or police directly if necessary.
  3. Reconsideration: Following and challenging the progress of new referrals and exiting cases to ensure that individual cases are reconsidered if there remains no change to a child’s circumstances.
  4. Support: To pupils and school staff and to children who may be vulnerable due to their individual circumstances. Supporting pupils who have been abused, in accordance with his/her agreed plan.