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Dear Parents,

Welcome to our school website


My name is Georgina Couram, principal of the English School of Kalba. I would like to introduce myself as an inspirational and innovative leader who has worked mainly in schools in London and public schools in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I have twenty eight years experience both as a school teacher and school leader. I have a proven track record of successfully leading and managing staff and resources to improve learning outcomes.

I have the ability to build effective teams and translate my vision into working to achieve consistency in teaching and learning. I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills; I am able to communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

My vision as a school leader is to create a learning environment where every student can achieve the highest level of academic excellence, and high standards of personal development and well being

Since 2002, when it was first established, the English School of Kalba has been delivering outstanding education for all students in our care. We hope our website will offer you an insight into the many aspects that make up our school community. As a school, we are proud of our students who are at the core of the work we do.

English School of Kalba is a forward looking school, focused on ensuring a learning environment that has each student at its center. Traditional and Islamic values of self-discipline, respect, responsibility and sensitivity to the needs of others underpin our school ethos. Our students are encouraged to achieve to their fullest potential, with achievements outside the classroom valued as highly as those within the formal curriculum.

Should you enroll your children with us, they will be given every opportunity to gain both academic success and personal fulfillment and develop their talents and social skills in a friendly, supportive environment.

We extend a warm welcome to you and very much look forward to sharing our community with you.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Your Sincerely,

Georgina Couram