The English School of Kalba provides an educational programme that follows the National Curriculum of England. Compulsory education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland currently lasts eleven years, from the age of 5 to the age of 16 (Scotland has its own, independent education system).The original model chosen was that of a British system school and that policy has continued to the present. Children can be registered in school at any entry point between KG1 and year 12.

External IGCSE exams are taken in Year 11, and AS Level in Year 12. Children may also be prepared for the following assessments.

  • IELTS: A standardized test that measures English language proficiency and is a requirement for non-native speakers planning to study abroad.
  • SAT: An American standardized test that is a compulsory requirement for entry into American universities. The school is a test centre and registers year 12 students for the SAT in Mathematics.
  • CEPA: This is the compulsory standardized test for Emirati students planning to enroll on colleges or universities in the UAE.

IELTS, and SAT exams are the normal means of entry into independent and government universities in the UK and elsewhere. It is a priority of the school that the students are prepared for, and can transfer to, British, American and International Universities. In keeping with the philosophy of good modern practice, the curriculum of the school is broad and appropriate to the multinational and multicultural nature of the pupils. Physical Education, Creative Arts and Literature occupy secure places in the program as well as the more academic subjects. The school is committed to offering appropriate courses at all levels in Information and Communication Technology.
The school is licensed by the UAE Ministry of Education and according to its directive a program of Arabic Language, Arabic Social Studies and Islamic Studies (for Muslim children) is provided.

The requirements of compulsory education are set out in the National Curriculum, which outlines learning that is designed to equip the student with the knowledge and skills to make appropriate decisions in his/her personal life and to lead a life as a productive citizen

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. The core (compulsory) subjects of the National Curriculum are English, Mathematics, Science, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Physical Education. Achievement is measured at the end of Year 11 by public IGCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams.

Qualifications (recognition of achievement at IGCSE) are awarded according to performance in public examinations. School qualifications are awarded by examining bodies (such as Cambridge International Examinations and Edexcel), and not by the school. These qualifications are recognized throughout the world. Coursework and internal school examinations are used only to evaluate the students’ progress.


Curriculum StageSchool YearChildren’s Age
Foundation (Early Years)KG3-5
Key Stage OneYears 1-25-7
Key Stage TwoYear 3-67-11
Key Stage ThreeYears 7-911-14
Key Stage FourYears 10-1114-16
Post 16 (AS level)Year 1216-18