Admission Policy

Required documents for admission

Kindly provide the school with 2 clear copies of the following documents to register a student in the school:

  1. Birth Certificate.
  2. Family Register Book (Emirati students only).
  3. Valid Passport (Student & parent).
  4. Valid residency (Non- Emirati students) / (Student & parent).
  5. Valid Emirates ID (Student and parent).
  6. Vaccination Card.
  7. Personal photo (no of 6).
  8. Diplomatic card (Diplomatic parents).
  9. Behavior certificate.
  10. Transfer Certificate (Should be stamped and attested from school & ministry).
  11. Last report card (Should be stamped and attested from school & ministry):

               KG2 to Grade 10: last year report card

               Grades 11 & 12: last two years report cards

 Year of birth for kg1 admission should be in 2016 for the academic year 2020- 2021.