Every student at the English Private School of Kalba will be a confident, action-driven team player with a love for learning, and someone who radiates the school’s Core values. Our students will become independent learners, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers well-equipped with 21st-century skills.


Student preparation in the K to 12 education system for leading a productive life in this dynamic world to contribute to the sustainable development of the UAE society.

Core Values

Strengthen National Identity and social responsibility.

Foster the values of Islam in dialogue, and show tolerance,

moderation, peace, and generosity.

Uphold the essential virtues of respect, discipline, integrity, sportsmanship, and honesty.

Encourage a peace-loving

attitude and excel at conflict resolution.

Professional development of staff and the recognition of excellence.

Complete child inclusive future-based education, setting high expectations and instilling positive self-worth in every child.

Community involvement and parental engagement in all aspects of school life.