Parents Council


Citizenship and Responsibility:

Promoting national identity and social responsibility.

Islamic Values and Principles:

Ensuring the human values in dialogue, tolerance, moderation, peace and volunteer work.

Discipline & Transparency:

Commitment to professionalism and transparency in performance.

Participation and Accountability:

Commitment to social partnership in educational process.

Equality and Justice:

Equal educational opportunities for all.

Technology, Science and Innovation:

Stimulating human and institutional energies towards science, technology and innovation.

The Strategic Goals of the Ministry of Education:

  • Ensure equal education, including pre-school education.
  • Achieving excellent competence for leadership and educational bodies.
  • Ensuring the quality and efficiency of educational performance.
  • Ensure safe, supportive and stimulating learning environments.
  • Attracting and qualifying students to join higher education institutions inside and outside the country.
  • Enhancing the capabilities of scientific research and innovation according to international competitive standards.
  • Ensure that all administrative services are provided in accordance with quality, efficiency and transparency standards.
  • Stablishing a culture of innovation in the institutional work environment.

The goals of the Parents’ Council in the school

The Parents Council aims to achieve the following:

  • Closer connections between mothers of students and the school’s educational staff in a way that achieves their cooperation in raising students to become good citizens in the community.
  • Study students’ needs and problems, participate in meeting these needs, and work to solve these problems.
  • Taking care of students with special needs and proposing programs that develop their capabilities in a way that contributes to raise their educational and social levels.
  • Study the requirements of the school community and help in solving problems that affect in performance and prepare appropriate plans for its improvement.
  • Confirm the role of the school as a radiation center in local society and revitalize that role.
  • Participation of school in facing the social, financial and moral phenomena, which harm the society, and take the necessary measures to eliminate it or limit its effects.
  • Educating students about caring for the school building and preserving its contents.
  • Educating Students about participating in school different competitions and activities.

In addition, closer connections between the school and all institutions of society, to upgrade the educational process.

The jurisdiction of the Parents’ Council:

  • Implementing the recommendations of the general assembly in school and decisions of the parents’ councils in the state and the general directions of private schools.
  • Formation of council member committees: (Education and student affairs committee – Social committee – Health education & environmental protection education – Activities & program committee).
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for action based on the proposal and projects submitted by its members and committees that achieve its goals.
  • The continuous quest to confirm the good relationship between the school & the parents.
  • Coordination between members of the council and distribution of roles through elections.
  • Mothers’ participation in school activities & culture, national and religious events.
  • Organizing the participation of parents in educational meetings determined by school.

Firstly: Education and student affairs committee: And it concerns with the following:-

  • Follow up the academic achievement level for students and suggest plans and programs to advance it.
  • Contact with the SEN families urging them to follow up their children.
  • Educating parents about the regulations & school systems, especially with regard to the absence of students and the criteria for success and failure in exams.
  • Helping to find effective ways to reduce the phenomena of student absence.
  • Carrying out the work assigned to it regarding education & student affair.
  • Submit a detailed report to the chairperson of the council about the activities of the committee, the difficulties it faced, and proposals to overcome it.

Second: Social Committee,and it concerns with the following:

  • Finding good mutual relations between the school and the official and private bodies in the local community surrounding the school by organizing effective activities and programs that emphasize the school role in the local environment.
  • Taking care of students who have special social & financial issues.
  • To suggest some projects that the school needs and provide its requirements, supervision and follow-up.
  • Organizing awareness programs for the students and the local community regarding the social phenomena that concern individual and society.
  • Educating local communityto stop using bad social customs and traditions.
  • Finding cooperation between the council and all parents and participate to help the students and the local community to stop social, psychological & behavior problems by organizing effective real programs.
  • Preparing a detailed report to the council chairperson about the committee activities and the difficulties it faced, with some suggestions to overcome them.

Third: Health education and Environmental protection committee, which is concerned with the following:

  • Educating students and the community about the importance of donating blood, and adopt appropriate health behavior to prevent risks and infectious diseases.
  • Urging the students and local community to protect the environment from pollution, and acquiring the good healthy habits.
  • Suggesting an executive program for the school participation in the competition for maintaining health and hygiene, and define the necessary activities for that, while participating in its implementation. Also developing the habit of hygiene and rooting for students.
  • Inviting some officials and specialists in the ministry of health and Municipalities to educate students the health culture.
  • Carry out mutual program implementation between the school students and the local community.
  • Educating students how to maintain plants, trees and public parks.
  • Preparing a detailed report to the council chairperson about the committee activities and the difficulties it faced, with some suggestions to overcome them.

Fourth: Committee of activities and programs: which concerns with the following:

  • Suggesting executive plans of programs, which achieve the school goals.
  • Setting yearly plan participating with parents, for the school religious, national and social events.
  • Preparing a program to honor the academic outstanding students, and talented students in different school activities.
  • Preparing a program for exchanging visits for the students and parents’ council with other schools inside and outside the educational zone in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • Preparing and organizing a program to welcome the delegations visiting the school.
  • Honoring the parents who participated in the council events & activities.
  • Preparing a detailed report to the council chairperson about the committee activities and the difficulties it faced, with some suggestions to overcome them.