Pre School


At the ESK kindergarten, children develop and grow physically, socially, emotionally and academically. At ESK we provide a quality learning environment based on fun activities, ‘hands-on’ experiences in British style surroundings, and dedicated and enthusiastic teaching staff. 

The Kindergarten at ESK has a home-like feel which we promote and maintain so the children can feel secure and comfortable. ESK kids look forward to coming to kindergarten each day and our aim is to prepare them for elementary education with that same eagerness to participate and learn, with confidence and skill in communicating with peers and teachers, and with a strong foundation in key learning areas.

Children come to Kindergarten with many different skills and talents and at many different levels of readiness. For this reason, the Kindergarten program begins at a slow pace to ensure that all students ease in to the school year at their own comfort level. Our program is wonderful and the needs of each child will be met.

We believe classroom environments should be safe, friendly, happy, and pleasant. Students need structure and consistency with the right amount of fun mixed in so they look upon school as an enjoyable place to be and almost don't realize they're learning! When given the opportunity a child can achieve so much. It is our job to help each child develop at his/her own rate while providing a structured and safe environment to do so in.