Health Center

 At English Private School of Kalba we aim to keep your child/children safe and healthy. We do this by developing an integrated and sustainable health care system that ensures the delivery of comprehensive and excellent service to achieve the highest levels of health care. The health and safety of all the students, staff, visitors are therefore of fundamental importance.

There is a well-equipped clinic in the school with a part-time MOH licensed physician three full-time MOH registered nurses. First Aid kits are available at different locations of the school campus to provide optimal care in case of emergencies.

The Primary Roles Undertaken by the School Clinic are as follows:

    • Provide first aid or emergency care to sick or injured students.
    • Assess students, to detect early signs and symptoms of health problems.
    • Contacting parents to provide the necessary information.
    • Assess the growth and development of students.
    • Implement health education program for students, parents and staff.
    • Vaccination program for students in the School.
    • Maintain and submit required records and reports as per MOH guidelines.