Fee Payment and Refund Policy

Fee payment policy:

Annual School Fees payments:

Customers can pay annual school fees for each academic year, which includes Tuition fees, books fee, uniform fee, and Transportation fee by the following modes of payments available.

  1. Full payment by online (thru school website, subject to availability of online payment)
  2. 50% by Cash or Credit Card + one post-dated cheque dated in the month of January
  3. 30% by Cash or Credit Card + 2 post-dated cheques for 35% each dated in November and January
  4. 30% Cash or Credit Card + 4 monthly post-dated cheques from October to January
  5. 30% Cash or Credit Card + 5 monthly post-dated cheques from October to February
  6. 30% Cash or Credit Card + 6 monthly post-dated cheques from October to March

Note: All payments must be made before 30th September, i.e before the end of 1st month of the academic year. Partial payments will not be accepted. Post-dated cheques also should be given together with Cash/Credit Card.  Only a parent's personal cheques will be accepted.  Company cheques, cheques of closed, frozen or dormant accounts, etc. will not be accepted. All post-dated cheques will be deposited into the bank on the cheque date itself.

The above Annual School Fee Payment options are based on the typical MOE academic calendar which normally starts from September and ends in June.  And the months mentioned may change accordingly if there is a change in the MOE academic year schedule.

  1. Online Payments made through ESK online payment gateway are considered and accounted in the respective student accounts only after the actual transfer is received to the ESK bank account. ESK will not be liable for any failed transactions because of technical or network errors at the time of customers making the online payment. 
  2. All cheques for fee payments should be written in the name of ‘ENGLISH PRIVATE SCHOOL OF KALBA'. Post Dated Cheques paid by the customers will be presented to the bank for collection on the due date of the cheque
  3. In case the customer wishes to settle the post-dated cheque before the due date, the payment for the total value of cheque has to be made before the date of the cheque, by Cash/Credit Card at the ESK Accounts office or by Online payment subject to the availability of PDC settlement option in the ESK online payment gateway
  4. Additional fees/charges may apply to the settlement of bounced cheques, for TC applications, Re-issue of lost report cards, etc. as decided by ESK and as applicable from time to time.
  1. Other payments:

Other periodic payments subsequent to annual fees payment mentioned above such as the settlement of Post-dated cheques, additional books or uniforms, examination fee, re-registration fee, etc. can be paid by Cash/Credit card at ESK Accounts office or by online payment thru ESK online payment gateway subject to the availability of online payment option for these services.

Fee return and Refund policy:

Refunds cannot be made once an order has been processed, except for tuition fees. In line with the Fee Payment Policy, where a Customer is eligible for a refund, ESK will only refund the eligible fees in accordance with the SPEA Policy, by a bank cheque in favor of the Parent of the student.  Original Identification document has to be provided to the school accounts department in order to prepare the refund payment, and the refund will be ready only after a minimum of 15 to 20 days.

  1. Registration/Admission fee is not refundable if the student didn’t join the school after paying the registration/admission fee. However, Registration/Admission fee will be deducted from the annual school fees subsequently if the student joins the ESK
  2. In case of tuition fee refunds, for the excess payments made in advance already, only the fees equivalent to the remaining unused period will be refunded.
  3. Books and uniforms once sold will not be taken back, if they are damaged or not in a saleable condition.
  4. For any refunds the parent has to apply to Accounts/Admin dept in writing and will need to provide the necessary supporting documents such as original payment receipt, copy of transfer certificate issued by ESK (in case the student is joining another school), copy of Emirates ID/Passport copy of parent, copy of student Identification document, etc.
  5. The refunds will be prepared only by bank cheque in favor of Parent whose emirates ID/Passport copy is provided to the ESK Accounts while applying for the refund, and will take 15 to 20 days in order for the refund payment to be ready for collection.